Rambad: Hungry for the Word of God

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Rambad: Hungry for the Word of God

Warm greetings brothers and sisters.  As you have said, Joshua, Moses, and John were all seeking one thing, but in different ways and at different times and places.

Love is a deep fondness and commitment from the heart and the Lord can clearly see if we have love in our hearts. It is on that basis that He chooses us, and the Lord eventually revealed Himself to those who had a love and thirst for God and gave them various ministries. 1 Corinthians 12:12 tells us that each one of us have been given different tasks and we are like different members of one body and we are like sheep to the slaughter among wolves.

From childhood I sought God and while still young, after I was married, I heard that Christ has the answer to all questions, but I was unable to find His book in our province. I wept thinking that perhaps in Christ’s eyes I am not worthy of having the Bible and suddenly I sensed someone behind me and a voice said ‘what do you need the word for – ask me.’ I thought my wife was sitting behind me and I didn’t want her to see my tears and I wiped my face before looking around. I saw a person wearing white and glowing and I was terrified because I was expecting to see my wife. I ran to the room where my wife was sitting and shouted ‘I have just seen Jesus, we must find a copy of the Bible.’

I found a telephone number via a Christian television channel and I called the number. I asked them to tell me where I might find a copy of the Bible and they gave me the address of a Church. My wife and I jumped in the car and we drove a long distance and were able to get a Bible. My wife and I started to study the Bible hungrily and we consumed it like bread.

I then understood that God accepts me and many people in our province have come to know the word of God and following persecution from the authorities I moved to Tehran.

Yes my brother, whatever our situation we are united as brothers and sisters. Our way is one and the same and through leading lives that are Christ-like we must glorify the Lord; as the Lord has said people should realise you are Christians by seeing how you behave. The grace of the Lord be with you. Your brother, Rambad

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