Spiritual Mouthfuls - Shahryar Safavi

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Spiritual Mouthfuls - Shahryar Safavi

Rev. Shahryar Safavi explains the ways through which we can strengthen our bonds with God and grow in our faith. We have to rely on God. By referring to Bible he talks about God's miracles and messages.


Healing the Blind
The Way of Living
Spiritual Sustenance
The God That Knows Us
It Was Necessary to Pass From Samaria
A Man Near the Pond
What Do You Have In Your Hands
What Do You Have In Your Hands
The Third Day
Peace From God
A Faith So Great
A Faith So Great
Walking On Water
Why Am I A Christian
In His Presence
Holy Counselling
Who Is Your Father
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Thanks Giving
People of Nazareth
Does He See Me
How Do You Walk the Journey
A Crown Instead of Ashes
The Sword of the Spirit
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