A new program for women and families, that communicates a message of love from the heart of God to the hearts of Persian-speaking women. Presented by Nilofar and Rozita, the program encourages viewers to be confident in their God-given value and empowers them to bring about positive change in their personal lives, families, and societies.  


The series seeks to communicate the deeply transformative message of the Bible to viewers, to show them God’s original plan for women, and to help them know the identity they can have in Christ.


The program deals with a wide range of issues Persian-speaking women face; anger, anxiety, depression, abuse and trauma. Speaking into a culture that diminishes a woman’s identity and role in society, New Identity shares the good news of salvation in Jesus that brings eternal life and true purpose to believers’ lives.


Viewers will discover how they can know God’s call in their lives, how to positively impact others, and be effective in ministry. Some episodes feature special guests to bring insight based on their experience, specialism, or knowledge. These guests are mature Christians with powerful stories to share in connection with the topics being explored. All are either working among Iranians or have served in Iran in the past. 


The one-hour live show broadcasts at 8:30 pm Iran time (5pm UK) - an ideal time for women aدd their families to watch the programs. 


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  • دوشنبه
    20:30 PM - 21:00 PM
  • چهارشنبه
    15:00 PM - 15:30 PM
  • شنبه
    03:00 AM - 03:30 AM

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