A weekly chat show, featuring two presenters and a guest, Insiders explores issues affecting women in Persian-speaking countries from a biblical perspective, often relating to women, family life, the nature of culture,Insiders offers a platform to discuss rarely-discussed issues and gives a voice to Persian-speaking women who are often without a voice. Guests featured are often professional women with genuine expertise demonstrating how women can make a much more significant contribution to the future of the Middle East and North Africa.The program is aired on SAT-7 PARS every Tuesdays at15:00-16:00 PM Iran Local Time as of the 27th September 2016.

زمان برنامه

  • سه‌شنبه
    15:00 PM - 16:00 PM
  • پنج‌شنبه
    21:00 PM - 22:00 PM
  • یکشنبه
    10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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