Testimonies of Alireza - Forgiveness

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Testimonies of Alireza - Forgiveness

I am from Fars province, currently living in Turkey. From childhood, I attached a great deal of importance to know God and had a strong affinity to God and religion. In my youth, I went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and I noticed a particular pride in me. In my thinking, I was perfect and complete, until during my national service I met a soldier from another religion. I really disliked him as I saw myself as perfect and my religion as perfect.

Things became interesting when this soldier was put on trial for some transgression and he could have denied responsibility to save himself but instead, he chose to confess. I asked him afterwards why he didnt deny responsibility and he told me God hasnt taught me to lie and I am not willing to grieve God.

This was the spark that led me to seek the truth. During my national service, I read four books by Florence Skovel Shinn which included verses from the Bible. These verses were so appealing to me that I was moved to search for the ‘sea of love. After completing national service I searched for a Bible but couldnt find one in Iran. A friend in Sweden sent me a Bible in PDF format and when I read it I discovered what a great God we have, who sent His only Son to pay the ransom for our sins. The verse that really spoke to me was: ‘You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free

At that time God tested me in this way. Someone had done me an enormous wrong and I was searching for a way to take revenge. Then the Lord gave me the opportunity to avenge myself but then I saw the love of God and the verse I had put on the screen of my mobile phone and remembered that He sees me. That night there were two ways before me; forgiveness or revenge. I prayed a great deal and that night I went home very happy that I had been able to resist my anger. When I went to sleep God spoke to me.

I dreamt that I was on a beach and I drew hearts on the sand but each time they were filled with tears. I saw a hand from heaven came down and wiped my tears away, and a voice told me,Do not sorrow, just forgive as I have taught you. I replied But this will break me.The voice said,Do not sorrow, I have chosen you for myself and I will take you with me.

This became a beautiful light in my life and it caused me to put aside pride, which after all is an unpleasant lie and causes a person to turn from their faith. This has caused me to draw closer to the word and to the Church, and to help others to come to know the true God.

My prayer is may all in our motherland be truly free from hatred and lies, and may they call on God and be saved.

Finally, may you know joy, and always be joyful.

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