From a Desire For Revenge to Forgiveness: Testimony of Alborz

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From a Desire For Revenge to Forgiveness: Testimony of Alborz

Greetings and blessings my dear friends. I am grateful for you and for your wonderful programs. I would like to share a testimony of perhaps the most overwhelming event in my life. 

My 25-year-old brother in Afghanistan, a graduate of civil engineering and worker in that field, was a follower of Jesus. When the extremists found out that he was a Christian they hanged him upside down, broke his hands and fingers and burnt his face with cigarettes. They put that child of God through the most dreadful torment and killed him. 

I was unable to forgive them and was permanently distressed and in a state of anger. I had a strong desire to take revenge. The feeling of hate that I had for them became my constant companion. Soon I found myself with no friends and even at home I did not speak with kindness to those around me. One day my father told me, ‘You must forgive those who killed my son.’ 

It was very difficult for me and after about three years, I was reading the sermon on the mount in the Bible, and reading verses 21, 26, 38, 42 and 48 in Matthew chapter 5, deeply impacted me. 

My tears flowed, my heart softened and I forgave the extremists. That moment the burden I had been carrying was lifted from me. 

Today I have a great joy in my heart that God has placed there and I am able to overcome all difficulties.

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