Freed From Hate: Soren's Testimony

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Freed From Hate: Soren's Testimony

Greetings my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus I am Soren and I live in Germany. I would like to take the opportunity to share how I came to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The family I was born into was extremely religious on my fathers side and aged six or seven I began to fast and do the daily prayers. It was through coercion that this became a habit and so it continued for about ten years. My mothers family were not religious and did not fast or pray. Because of this my fathers side of the family criticised and pressured both my parents, which led them to divorce when I was aged ten.


My father went on to marry a woman who was extremely religious and living with my father and step-mother meant that I was forced to do the daily prayers. When I occasionally went to visit my mother I would get confused. They were relaxed about the prayers and my fathers family told me I would be cursed if I didnt pray, that God wouldnt like me. So I was always in fear of God and would attend a place of religion for doing my prayers. After a few years, I was disenchanted from God and turned to alcohol. Since my childhood my uncles were my role models I became like them.


When I was seventeen, I started selling drugs, but a year later I was arrested and sent to rehabilitation. After that, I was angrier with God and didnt want to live. I remember one night I started to hit myself. I was also angry with everyone and to die, was my daily prayer to God. This went on until I entered national service, which I completed around 2013 and afterwards went to Turkey. While there, a friend introduced me to Christianity. I could not believe the things he told me about Jesus Christ and after I returned to Iran, I did a lot of reading and research to find out why Christians are so joyful and kind to each other.


In 2015 I was in Germany, and at a church, I made a promise to myself. To offer up all that is in me to Jesus Christ. And with all this hate that was in me, the first thing I learnt to say was forgive me. In this way, the Lord healed my broken heart and began to gradually work in me and in 2016 I started to serve in a Persian-speaking church. The Lord changed everything in me and gave me a new family. He had a plan for my life. The last thing I want to say to the dear people who have not yet come to faith is that the Lord is able to heal your wounds trust in Jesus Christ and He will reveal Himself to you.

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