Testimony of Nastaran

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Testimony of Nastaran


Greetings, I was resting and I suddenly had some memories in my head or how you say it, a testimony. I am on road to get to know Christ so I do not call myself a believer yet. I am not in a position and situation to be properly baptised and I do now know anyone that can help me with that. But I will tell you what my heart wants to say. A long time ago I had someone very dear to me fall ill and it was a very hard disease to cure. We went to every doctor and every place and they told us that this disease cannot be cured and its effects can only be prolonged with certain medicine but it will only get worse. We all became hopeless, it was a very bad situation and in that hopeless situation I turned to religion, I was born and raised Muslim and it was instilled in my brain to go in this direction so I prayed all day so that he would be cured. I was once watching TV and I saw a Christian program where they prayed for someone that was in a similar situation and it really affected me and I felt like this might be the way to save my beloved, so I got in contact with these people and we prayed together and I started reading the Bible. I prayed to the Lord and told him that I am not a believer but if you are as good as they say you are please help me in this situation even just a little and I was filled with peace little by little until one night I had a dream that Jesus was going up a mountain with a cross and there was a cross with me but I did not go near it and I stayed down the mountain. They crucified Christ but He did not say anything, He did not feel shame or pain and He told me that I should carry the cross for my sick beloved and at that moment I woke up and the only thing I remembered from that was the mountain and Jesus smiling and what He told me. From that day, onwards my beloved was cured and from that day onward I always told God, I do not know you the way I should. I do not have the confidence to say that no other god has done the miracles that you have done in my life but I will try to get to know you and walk the same path as you. I do not know how this crossed my mind to share this experience with you. Thank you for being there with us.

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