Testimony of Diago

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Testimony of Diago

Greetings to you who are dear to the Lord. Thank you for your beautiful programs that are truly filled with the Lord’s blessings. Before I came to faith in Jesus I was a drug addict. And afterwards I lost my faith in Christ and I thought I must have been mistaken; after all, if Christ saves why is He not healing me? I heard testimonies through Christian networks and wondered why not me? I am coming to Him with sincerity but He is not healing me. I began to turn from my faith back to humanism and rationalism. About eight years ago I was caught in the worst depression and addiction. In dire circumstances, twice I nearly took my own life. I was addicted to morphine and methamphetamine. It was then that once again a faint light of hope was ignited within me; that there is a place, a sanctuary to which we can turn. The teaching and the words I had read began to come back to me and this made me start again. I prayed and prayed. I read a few verses from the word and prayed. I was like a person whose whole being was full of darkness with no hope or sanctuary. I took hold of Jesus Christ and I cried out to Him ‘if you are truth, if you are the Saviour, if you are true as the Christian networks declare, if all that the Bible speaks of you is true then help me.’ For nearly four days this is how I prayed. On the fourth day it was near sundown I was going to go and buy drugs, but I thought let me pray first and then go to get the drugs. I prayed and prayed, as usual with tears and I even thought of suicide. But I said to myself, ‘no, let me be clean and then die so that my family are able to be proud of me knowing that I was no longer an addict.’ So I prayed and a powerful energy entered into me. I wasn’t something that could see with my eyes, but clearly felt it. It was as if a veil was removed from my mind. Pretty much, that moment, my mind taken off drugs and I felt filled with energy. I saw that I had no need of drugs and there is no need to go out and buy drugs. But I feared that I might have withdrawal symptoms, pass out and not be able wake up the following morning. All the same, I went to sleep and in the morning awakened totally well. That moment I realised that there was no temptation in me, not for any drugs or tablets; methamphetamine, opium not anything. From that moment eight years ago until now I have been free. I want to share an incident with you. I am a village kid and I would often go to our village which was a place of temptation for me because of the friends and acquaintances I had there. On one occasion soon after I was set free, I was at my father’s home in town and the following day we were planning to visit our village. I prayed and said to God ‘it is only a month and a half since I was set free and this is the first time I am going to the village. Please help me not to be tempted, please help me.’ That night I dreamt that I was reading Psalm 23 and I saw Satan’s arrows coming towards me, but within half a meter from me they disappear. The following night I dreamt that near the home of the drug dealer’s home the demons had gathered making a lot of noise enticing me to go to them. I commanded them in the name of Jesus Christ to get away from me. They did not obey the first time. I was a little fearful but I insisted a second time and the third time with more boldness I ordered them to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ and they disappeared. The following day when I went to the village I was so light in my spirit. I passed the dealers home and saw friends and the people I knew, and I felt no temptation. Thank God that I have been free of drugs these last eight years – I have kept away from tablets and not even used Acetaminophen. Glory to the name of the Lord and thanks for each and every one of you.

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